Friday, May 14, 2010

No More Wild Steel at Pikes Fish Market

Read it on their blog here


I will say it again...


In a drastic turn of policy, the World Famous Pike's Street Fish Market has changed it's stance and will no longer carry wild steelhead at the market.

This entry in their blog says it all:

"We've read your emails, we've taken in the conversations at the market, we've had sustainability representatives speak at our meetings, and we've asked the tough questions to our suppliers. Our commitment is to make a difference and we can do that on many fronts, the supply of our seafood being one. We're constantly educating ourselves and understand sustainability to be a process and one that starts with no longer carrying wild steelhead"

Last week when I posted about my interraction with the fishmongers and I assumed, through the email I got back in return...that it would be status quo.  Status quo being, continuing to sell wild steel.

With this news, I am brightened by the fact that the collective can influence people to do the right thing.

I most certainly was not the only one that contacted them, so cheers to the others who voiced their opinions

And most importantly, cheers to Pikes Street Fish Market

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