Sunday, June 5, 2011

PBR, You're On Notice...

Ok PBR I still love you but I have to be honest, I am a bit smitten by another.  A classic, a choice that's originally from the Northwest and costs about the same as you.

While Vitamin R isn t as award winning as you (didnt you win your ribbon in 1893), it sure hits the spot after long hours on the water.  Our only current problem is that it's distrobution is less than yours as it hasnt been adopted by the hipsters. 

My consumption rate will be increasing this summer as steelhead season is knocking on the door and 100 degree days on the Clearwater demand a fine macrobrew.  This is quite a conundrum.  

Im on the verge of a switch.  PBR, what can you do to draw me back in? 


  1. Snap out of it man! There is no better beer in the world then PBR!

  2. I'll second vitamin R...stuff is delicious! Although, pretty tough to get here in CO. PBR had his chance over the years, don't feel bad for switching...

  3. Ah the French import beer.....Ronyay!

  4. let me help you out.....keystone light! now that's where it's at.

  5. Gonna have to try that --

    MIKE... Really?? Keystone Light