Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Warhorse Stick

Everyone has one rod in their lineup that's a beauty to cast,  stands strong against the toughest fish and lasts a hell of a long time.

I picked this eight weight up as my first "expensive fly rod" in preparation for my first bonefish trip and knew it would be my go to for throwing indicator rigs for steelhead (in my pre-spey days).

This girl is my Warhorse. 

From the most pristine flats of Ambergis Caye Belize

To the dirtiest, nastiest, skankiest carp water, it keeps rolling.

It has steelhead, carp, smallmouth bass, bonefish, permit, barracuda, salmon, suckers, whitefish and probably a few other fish to it's credit.  It's age has started to show but onward we go to fight more fish.  It's a miracle I havent broken it yet, knock on wood.

So this leads me to this question.  What's your fly rod warhorse?  Feel free to send me your story, and we'll post it up here at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail. 

send your stories with pictures to jmills81 at hotmail dot com



  1. Beulah Guide Series 9' 8wt. It's my baby. It can do the job of any nine and many 10s but still can lay the fly down softly. Great for distance but loads quickly for short shots. It has taken a few knocks and never broken. Love it.

  2. All this talk of never breaking rods, makes me very, very nervous.

  3. it's definately a great stick. i have it in a #3,4 and 8.

  4. That's a solid stick right there. I have the earlier, 3-piece version.