Friday, December 23, 2011

Redington Sonic Pro Waders Review...

The big difference between wading out there and…uh, wading out there is one thing

Your waders.

We’ve all been there.  Can’t wade out there because you know when you hit that certain point, you’re going to be wet.   Wet waders especially outside of summer really make for a miserable day.

After rolling through a few sets in the past five years, I was excited to be given the opportunity to test drive the new Sonic Pro Waders by Redington.

No seams eh?  I dig the concept considering my frame has a strong tendency to blow out anything with a seam or a stitch.   I’m not kidding, from waders to work clothes I am a terror on seams.

When they arrived on my doorstep, I went right into lining up my first opportunity to test these beasts out.  Hey I’m opportunistic, don’t hate…

For me there are some key areas to think about and to offer my opinion in regards to these waders

1.  The Fit        
2.  Construction          
3.   Bells and Whistles   
4.  Cold Weather Test           
 5.  What would I change

The Fit
If you’re a big dude, you know what kind of problem you can have in finding off the shelf gear that remotely fits.  At 6’8 260, I am just flat used to ill-fitting gear.   The Sonic Pros in the XXL fit really well and allowed for a normal stride while wearing them.   There’s enough room in the legs to feel comfortable and without giving you that fun “front wedgie” that the wrong size waders give you.  Not a hot look, and thankfully these help you avoid it

Two words that feel apt descriptors of these waders.  Beefy.   Thick.
And yes, these are good things.  Dropping off a road to get to a run I skidded a bit down a bank and across some logs.  Checking the waders, everything was fine.  Multi layer construction especially throughout the legs and knees give me a notion of confidence when I am bushwhacking through the stickers and brush that I won’t have wet feet after a few minutes in the water.

Bells and Whistles
You want to know what’s nice.  Extra pockets, and lots of them.    There’s hand warming pockets.  There’s a wallet pocket.  There’s a camera pocket and if you’re into it, a pocket to put a flask for those cold winter days. 
Sometimes the smallest things also make a big impression.  The wader belt is NICE.  They didn’t skip out on this one, and also they added belt loops around your waist instead of just in the back.  Small item, but it showcases quality.

Cold Weather Test
In the Northwest the majority of the time, the water is cold.  Like sub 45 degrees cold.  People look at you funny when you say you’re going fishing in the cold.  It’s absolutely essential to have a pair of waders that assist with staying out there in the midst of freezing guides and numb finders.  With my normal winter fishing set up of fleece wading pants, I was noticeably warmer than usual.  A big thumbs up in this category.  Get on out there, kick the icebergs away and fish away.  I have a feeling you’ll be warmer in these waders.

What Would I Change…

Whether a rod, a fly or a set of waders…aren’t we all looking at our gear saying “if I could I would change it by doing (x)

There’s always something.

For me, the first thing I would do would be to swap out the material on the gravel guards from wader material to neoprene. 

Spending a lot of time chasing steelhead, I greatly appreciate the hand pockets on waders where you put your off hand.  On these waders I would include a great deal more fleece to improve the warmth of the hand pocket.

Other than that, through 4 trips out fishing in the freezing cold of winter, these are a bomber set of waders.

There are a few remaining questions like what’s going to happen when I send them back for repair?  (Its only a matter of fishing time till it happens, I promise) but beyond that, I don’t have a problem putting on a Chucking Line Chasing Tail stamp of  approval on  them.

Want more info on these waders, here's the LINK

Now go get fishin....


  1. Been duck hunting and pheasant hunting in them all season, along with some steel and trout chasin of course. they are solid for the price. and I can tell you exactly what will happen when you ship them in. NEW PAIR. Ive purchased 4 pairs of Redington waders. Nothin like keepin the business in the state son!

  2. Mills, how do these compare to the Simms G3's?

  3. Never owning a pair of G3's, i am guessing they're more towards the headwaters. The constructions pretty damn heavy

  4. What about the Patagonia Guidewater Waders?

  5. i've gone through 2 pairs of the waist-high sonicpros. very disappointed. both boots leaked the first trip out--sent em back and got another. those lasted 7 or 8 trips. a hole was warn on the inside of the right knee (yes, after 7-8 uses) and the left book leaked. sent em back, but on backorder.