Friday, February 3, 2012

Help a Brotha Out...

Over at superblog The Fiberglass Manifesto, the voting has started his annual contest, TFM Spotting of 2011.  The winners of all the months of the year are stacked up against each other and yours truly is in the running for the grand prize of a Scott F2 fly rod with the picture from above.

Check out all the finalists and if you're so inclined to vote for the guy who's drinking a PBR at the Silver Bow Fly Shop whilst his year old son downs some Mooo-Moo,  that guy would be very appreciative. 



  1. The little yellow glass rod would be a perfect rod for the Jr. Josh and his first fish! : )

  2. Done voted, but it looks like you have some serious competition or someone is stuffing the ballot boxes!