Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ladies, Bonefish Are Better Than Diamonds...

The first time I saw a tail like that peeking up in a mangrove flat....I went to mush

The Andros South lodge run by the great folks at Deneki Outdoors and Kara Armano of  Backbone Media   are coming together for something very, very unique.

A Ladies Bonefishing School

As Angler's Tonic states, Kara's "the real deal" when it comes to fly fishing.  Having met her at this last summer in person, you cant find a nicer, more genuine lady who loves her place in the outdoors.

Here's what Kara has to say about helping ladies learn what it's all about

“A passion of mine is getting more female anglers involved in the sport. From beginners to advanced anglers, I love watching their eyes light up when it all comes together. Women are great learners and pick up fly fishing quickly. Sharing that passion is very fulfilling"

With Kara as your host and legendary saltwater guide Bruce Chard as your lead instructor, being a member of this "school" will give you years worth of experience  in one week's time.

Get all the info by visiting the Deneki Outdoors site HERE.

Ladies, when you hook into your first bonefish, lets just say you'll fall in love with another type of bling really, really fast.    

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