Friday, May 31, 2013

Flies of Gratitude....

Recently a great friend of mine presented an opportunity to create flies for a donor to my college.

Apparently, the guy is a devout steelhead fisherman with a trip to the Dean scheduled later this summer.

My flies in the grill of a chrome Dean steelhead, sign me up.

It's always fun to create for someone else, especially when it's a fellow steelhead fisherman who also is so helpful to the university that helped shape who I am

So with 12 flies off the vice, I enlisted the pro level wrapping skills of the Vanilla Gorilla at Evolution Anglers to round out the custom order.

His flies are next level and I have to think the gentleman will be right happy with the 24 flies that he will use as he plies the water of the Dean in search of some chrome bright rockets

 A big thanks to the great folks at Montana Fly Co. for their donation of a waterproof fly box to round out the order

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