Thursday, May 8, 2014

RIO CamoLux Line Review

Sitting on the shore of Chopaka Lake, I looked over to another angler getting ready to launch his boat and I couldnt help but notice...."that dudes got it dialed"

You see I had the requisite chironomid rod and the full sink line, but at that point I hadn't yet realized that I was missing a key piece to really getting after it on a lake

An intermediate sinking line set up

Back to that day on Chopaka, and all the normal tricks were not working and that guy was railing on fish.  Fishing on the slow drop, the intermediate line ending in a scud pattern was the ticket that separated the frustrated from the laughing.  

Enter RIO's Intouch CamoLux line.  Boom, spot filled.

This line has it's game down.  Here's the top 5 reasons why this line is a very welcome addition to my bag of tricks

1.  Castability--Normally, lines with sink are like casting a bag of hammers.  This one feels more like a floating line than a intermediate, with a heavy front taper that allows the line to rocket out

2.  It get DOWN--but not too fast.  Up to two feet per second

3. Line Color and Texture.   3 colors to create the weirdest line color I've ever seen, and the texture allows for great sensitivity

4.  The Hang Down Marker-- Seems kind of funny, but it gives good reference to when you're ready to roll again.

5.  Low Stretch--When you've got a pile of line out, it's pretty easy to loose a fish because the line has so much belly and stretch to it.  Earlier this year on Coffeepot lake with 95% of the line out, the fish I hooked stayed right on and I could feel each nibble till the full connection.


So in conclusion, this line gets a full stamp of approval from the staff at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail.  Searching for a the intermediate line to complete your lineup, time to order up the RIO InTouch CamoLux line


  1. 2. It get DOWN--but not too fast. Up to two feet per second
    Dont you mean up to two inches per second?

    1. I would say typo error, easy done.

  2. Wee tip, all lines and leaders are made
    straight after made from factory then
    put on small spools (think about it)
    they coil, my rio camolux is so straight
    you could draw a straight line with whole
    line, beautiful line as are most but
    it sandens me some anglers put some
    of the best quality fly lines and leaders
    down due to lack of common sense.

    Straight made, then put on small spools, they coil up,
    very little thought and work needed to (think about it)
    I leave the rest up to you.

    Rio Camolux Intermediate, beyond good.