Thursday, September 25, 2014

As It Should Be...

This is the picture of steelhead fishing in my mind, as it should be.

The picture doesn't display the fish, but the process.   The long drive to the steelhead grounds with bad coffee and an equally bad McDonalds breakfast.  It's rigging up, which no matter what you do takes way to long because the river is right before you

It's the funny way OMR stands while the line swings through the run, fist to his hip, arm bent like he's a toy soldier or something.

The reactions after a fish comes and messes with your mind and gives you a pluck.  What an asshole.

It's the sunrise of the early fall and the cold of mid winter.

It's everything but the fish.

Yes, the fish is the quest, but it's the process that sticks in my mind.

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  1. Thats biblical right there, couldn't have said it better myself!