Friday, January 16, 2015

Other Priorities

Kids and Steelhead change priorities.

Growing up, ditch parrots were my driving passion.   Now, there's so little time and so many other responsibilities that it's tough to choose when steelhead are in the drivers seat.

This upland season I carried the scattergun on 2 days afield.  Almost embarrassing.

The first day was cold beyond cold.  So cold that I wiffed on two absolute gimmees, shots I've made in my sleep since I was 12.   Thankfully I found a willing pheasant to close the day to save some of my pride.   Miss the easy shots, smash the hard ones.  Go figure.

January 11th marked the final day of the season in the state of Washington, and we walked the familiar fields that we have for over 20 years.  The birds were scarce as they are at the end of the season, but for some reason luck was on my side

Wild roosters on the last day of the season are worth their weight in gold.  2 graced my game vest and I fell in love with these upland birds all over again

Priorities may change, but first loves are never forgotten.

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