Monday, May 4, 2015

Annual Trips....

The arc of a year's events aren't set by the calendar.

No, not in my world.

It's the trip to Chopaka in late May where friends come from around the Northwest to catch silly amounts of fish on dry flies.

It's the summer smallmouth trip that may or may not include the first opportunity to swing a fly for the first push of summer steelhead.

OMR's "Fay Clave", dryline season and eventual brutal cold of winter throwing big tips and equally bigger flies.

So on and so forth, the year turns over and we're back at square one.

Birthday's, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, first time you have to cut the grass and the joy of putting the lawn mower away for the year.

Sure, those things happen.  But for the outdoors obsessed, it's the upcoming annual trips that keep the year chugging along.

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