Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bobber Danglers...

There's a simplicity to it.

Tie a couple of these on, guess on location on the lake and have at it.  Find the right depth and they're going to eat it.

Find the answer to the math equation and fishing can be quite silly.

Other times, the fish give you the middle fin.  No sir, we did not order chronomids today.

So it can go from simple to a riddle within minutes.

Change depth, repeat process

Change flies, you had the wrong color on....repeat process

The guy in the pontoon down the lake shore 50 yards is smashing them.  You want to smash him.

Change size of flies, repeat process.....

Go back to original offering, catch fish.

So the simplicity can be the part that drives you the most mad, but the simplicity is also what makes me giggle like a 10 year old when the bobber dives down and set the hook, only to see the fish rocket to the sky in response.

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