Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Free The Snake September 17th

Free the Snake.  Free the Snake.  Free the Snake

Say it to yourself.  It's going to happen.

September 17th, join the collation of environmental, sportsman, economic and tribal groups at Swallows Park in Clarkston  for coordinated  paddle leading to the Snake and Clearwater Confluence for the second annual Free The Snake Flotilla

Last year event drew over 300 attendees of which I was proud to be a part of.  My boys and I watched as boat after boat of people committed to a cause that is ready to happen paddle towards Lower Granite Dam....it was one of the most impactful statements I had ever seen.

70% of barge traffic on  4 Snake River Dams have gone to other shipment routes.  Billions are spent on salmon and steelhead recovery with extremely low return on investment.   The power generated can we replaced immediately

The reasons go on and on.  And on, and on.

It's time to Free the Snake

Get more info via the Free The Snake site and if you can, be a part of this year's event in September

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