Monday, September 26, 2016

The Ragan Experience

What a night...

Chuck Ragan can flat out belt out a song and play a guitar.   Along with a pedal steel guitar backing him up,  it was a real treat to watch him amongst the other 150 others who came out to support the Wild Steelhead Coalition at the new Filson flagship store in downtown Seattle this past Friday night

After it was all said and done, the biggest feeling I came away with is gratitude

To the people who came out and shared the evening with us

To Filson, who donated the space to us for free

To the board members who ran point on the event and did all the heavy lifting to make it all run smoothly

To Georgetown Brewery who donated the delicious beer

For those who opened their wallets and gave generously to help us raise critical funds that help support the mission of recovering Wild Steelhead across their historical range

Most of all, to Chuck Ragan and his bandmate Todd Beene for donating their time and talents and kicking ass on stage.    Their music resonates with soul, truth and honesty.

Surely I am missing others that helped in the event, it takes a community to make nights like this go

Thank you to all and we cant wait to do it again.

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