Friday, March 10, 2017

Hey Seafood Watch, Why The Change?

Sure makes you cringe when you get text messages from a friend from the restaurant they're eating at in Portland.

Wild Steelhead on the menu.

Wild Steelhead from rivers that have lost a great deal of their run since 1980 and are worth 100 times more when they stay in the river

Wild Steelhead on the menu because Seafood Watch changed their designation for Olympic Peninsula Steelhead to a "good alternative"

Restaurant's and Chefs around the country depend on the industry watchdog to give recommendations on what stocks of fish to avoid, that are good to serve and which are from non sustainable sources

Seafood Watch has failed them in their designation change.  Flat out failed them.

And the seafood brokers who sell these fish and the restaurants and retailers like Whole Foods find it acceptable to aid and abide in putting these fish on the menu and on the shelves.

It's horse shit.

Watch the video for full details on why Wild Steelhead should never be a commercial food source.  Especially from rivers who have missed their minimum escapement goals year after year after year.

So back to Seafood Watch.   In the face of mountains of data that plead the case that these fish shouldnt be ok to serve and sell....they said it was ok.

The big question remains.  WHY?

If you agree that this designation change shouldnt be, join the Wild Steelhead Coalition in letting the good folks at Seafood Watch and the Monterey Bay Aquarium that this change should be rescinded.


  1. Thank you for raising this issue! We need to start an email campaign to educate Imperial Restaurant and others in Portland that serving wild steelhead is a poor idea.

  2. Let Imperial know your thoughts on eating wild steelhead: Twitter: @imperialpdx