Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Thank You--Our Two Hands Wrap Up


The Spokane showing of Bloodknot's movie Our Two Hands was a smashing success.

Months and months of planning came to fruition last Thursday and the community rallied to support the event to benefit the Wild Steelhead Coalition.

At the end of the night, I felt so proud.

Proud to be a part of a conservation community that comes out to support events like this.  You cant have the film showing without people who fill the seats.

Proud to be have great relationships with businesses and guides in the fly fishing industry that brought the noise with donations, with hardly a question asked.  There's no way to raise the kind of money we did that night

Proud that other conservation groups like Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited, Spokane Women on the Fly,  Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Spokane Riverkeeper, Spokane River Forum and Spokane Fly Fishers cam out to man booths and promote the event.  We're part of a community that gets the job done and I cant thank them enough.

Proud to have the volunteers and family step up to put on a showing that went about as well as I could have asked for.

In the end,  attendee's wallets were wide open and helped us gross over $7400 dollars.  In the end after expenses, $6000 will go to the Wild Steelhead Coalition to help continue our mission of recovery for wild steelhead across their range.

When I sat down near the end of the film in the back of the room to observe the crowd watching the film and it's great message, all I saw were backs of people's heads locked into the movie.   Nary a conversation,  people were spellbound and hopefully absorbing the information that Our Two Hands presented them with.

I believe we created more advocates that night.

And that's worth more to me than anything else.

Thank you.

Look for a summer tour of Our Two Hands, more info to come via the Bloodknots FB page

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