Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Save Thompson River Steelhead

Now's your chance to grab some sweet gear and help raise funds to advocate for the imperiled run of Thompson River steelhead

The iconic river's return this fall was predicted to be less than 200 fish, a drastic fall from the typical return of thousands.  It's been on a sharp decline for a decade or more but this year's a different story

The issue is the chum salmon commercial intercept fishery near the mouth of the Fraser, of which the Thompson is a major tributary.  Steelhead bound for the T become bi-catch (see--unusable waste) in the commercial and tribal gill net that should never been approved by Canada's Department of Fisheries during the peak of the steelhead run.

Picture-Russel Miller/Fishpond 

As the designer of the shirt and Wild Steelhead Coalition founder Rich Simms Says...."We're not making any new steelhead rivers.  We can't afford to loose the T"

Pick up your Thompson River Steelhead Shirt HERE. 

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