Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Historical Documents...

A window to the outdoor world in 1964 and 1965.  Yard sale gold, ready to come to my home after sitting untouched in an old tackle box for decades.

From the era of the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.  The time of Vietnam.

54 years ago.

Combination hunting and fishing licenses were $8.  Your deer tag was $2, Elk $7.50, and in case you were wondering you could pick up a beaver tag for just one American dollar.

The real find, the untouched 1964 steelhead "punch" card.  I remember my father always calling them a punch card but I personally had never seen one.  Catch a fish and punch the dot and take your fish home. 

On the back of the card...

"Your game department plants more than 2 million downstream migrant steelhead each year.  The information received from your punch card is vital in determining the success of these plants.  You will help your steelhead program by turning in your punch card"

Hilarious.   There are almost 2 million plants in the Columbia system alone now...

The window is an amazing look back.   May we learn from our history.

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  1. Nice score. I love old fishing licenses, especially those with "trout stamps" or artwork on them. A bit sad that modern tech is making them go the way of the dodo.