Monday, March 23, 2009

Images from the Weekend

A weekend spent with OMR, crazy lab Murphy on the Clark search of a reminder on why we brave early spring fishing on big water--Skwala's and midges. Neither materialized, but two beautiful morning floats followed by huge rainstorms that killed the fishing for the afternoons. Such is life for the Clark Fork in the spring. It's a bitch of a river, but for the off chance of the truely rewarding days, we keep coming back, because we COULD be the day.

What a beautiful spring Montana morning

And for the record Murph Dog only jumped out twice in her first drift boat trip. She soon will be a veteran


  1. I love the first picture Mills. It looks so peaceful and still. What a great day to be out on the water. By the way did I mention that I love that you have a blog about fishing. I truly do! It is such a passion of yours and you have such a great way of telling stories when you put them in writing. love it!

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