Thursday, July 1, 2010

Case Study in building brand loyatly....Lamson-Waterworks

When I tell people outside of the fishing community why I choose to spend so much on my gear, it tell them without a's all about the warranty

I am, without question, tough on gear.  God did not grace me with the ability to lesson my impact on items like clothing, rods,  reels and footwear.  I break a lot of sheet

And to the point of this post.  My amazing interaction with Lamson Waterworks.

These people just know how to do business. I was a fan before, but now I am a Lamson evangelist.

Here's what happened.

I had a Lamson Radius 3.5 that was years old, and was a backup reel to a 3.5 Lamson Velocity.   Both reels have been USED, and kept coming up for air.

From 2 Trips to Belize..

To countless days on the Methow and the Grande Ronde...

And even a day or two on the Carp Flats.  These reels just kept rocking.

Then, my Radius just plain blew up.  In pieces. Epic breakage.   Not a chance for me to fix it.

A quick phone call down to the Lamson factory, and the welcoming voice of Tim assured me...he'd take care of me.  And while I was at it...why not send down a few other Lamson reels and we'll service them as extra charge

Off to the Fed Ex with fingers crossed, I sent the pieces of my Radius and my battle worn Velocity off to Boise

Five days later....I repeat...just five days later, I came home to a present sitting on my doorstep.

Welcome home Mr Velocity....

And if you know a thing or two about Lamson, you'd notice that it isnt a rebuilt Radius sitting there.

Nope, they replaced it with A BRAND NEW GURU model

And the Velocity has been restored to factory condition.

All I paid was a $20 service fee.  Outstanding....

A brand is built in two ways.
1. Your products

2.  More importantly, how you interact, service and listen to your end user.   To me, the most vital component to this whole process is service.

I do not believe that the customer is always right.  Sometimes their flat out wrong in their attempt to get what they want. 

In this instance, Lamson nailed it. 

Always a fan of their products, I now get to shout from the rooftops (my blog) about how amazing their service is.  Without even asking, Tim at Lamson was the one that went beyond what I was asking for ( a rebuilt Radius) and then offered to service my other reels at the same time (the Velocity).  I have 3 other only regret is that they are in perfect condition and dont need an ounce of work performed on them

You can bet your you know what I wont be thinking much about what brand of reel I will buy next go around.  I may sound like a 12 year old schoolgirl gushing over her latest crush, but I dont care.  This company rocks

I am currently in a tug of war of sorts with a high end rod manufacturer on the east coast that DOESNT GET IT over a broken spey rod .   It only serves to highlight how good this interraction was. I will continue to be Lamson brand loyalist...and reccomend them to anyone that wants to listen

The other rod maker...not so much, not at all, never again.

So here's to you Lamson Waterworks....nice work!

Visit Lamson on the web HERE

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  1. That's a awesome story!! I have several Lamson reels too, and I absolutely love them... so far they don't need any fix, yet... but now I know if one day they do need some fix, the have some good insurance policy came with it! COOL company!