Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fly Hall of Fame, Reader Responses Vol.2

The Unaccomplished Angler edition...

Straight from Captain Kirk himself, a tale a fly not tired, but retire.

"Several years ago my brother and I decided to splurge and did our  
first guided trip on the Yakima with Johnny Boitano. I'd fished the  
river countless times, but my brother had only fished it once prior to  
that.  I figured what the hell- it would be worth it to see my brother  
get into a nice fish. 
I hoped to catch something a little bigger than  
the typical 10-12 inch fish I'd regularly caught (those caught between  
skunkings, that is). It was late July and the hoppers were already  
starting, so as you can imagine we were throwing big  
uglies...Chernobyls that, like your retired fly, looked like nothing  
in particular but many things in general, I guess.  We were a good  
ways into our float and the sun was just dropping behind the canyon  
walls. We'd each caught a few cookie cutter rainbows, and were having  
a great time with Johnny putting us on fish and joining in on the  
friendly banter that only brothers can share.  I made a cast to a  
particular blade of grass on the shoreline (right where Johnny told me  
there would be a fish), and instantly the water exploded and my 4  
weight bent nearly to the cork.  "Good fish...Great fish!" Johnny  
proclaimed with honest enthusiasm. "Don't lose it- I'm going to get  
the boat to shallow water!"  A tall order for sure, but I managed to  
keep the fish on as Johnny rowed cross the current to the slow water  
on river left. The fish lept 3 or 4 times, completely showing itself.   
The end result was a nice thick rainbow, an honest 19 incher. It was  
my biggest trout of the non-anadromous variety to date, and remains my  
largest Washington trout . 
Come to think of it, maybe I should  
take the fly out of retirement: it's still got plenty of life in it,  
and I haven't caught a Yakima trout over 14 inches since then"
No Kirk,  you keep that fly in your hat band.  It's casting a good amount of good Ju-Ju on you as we speak

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