Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gear Review--Rockin The Revo's...

Eyewear....damn critical in this funny little fly flinging game we play.

A few months back I was given the opportunity to field test the new line of shades from REVO

The Headway model is new to their lineup and I have to say, they're pretty damn amazing.  I'm fanatical about my glasses, and with a massive noggin to fit, finding the right ones for me is a tall order

They're the best shades I've ever had, hands down.

Why do I like them?  Well here's 10 reasons why they earn the Chucking Line and Chasing Tail Royal Stamp of Approval.

1.  Glass Lenses--Heavy without being heavy....a vast difference from the plastic lenses of my old models

2.  They fit my huge face. As said above, it can be an issue

3.  Ever lost your sunblockers to the depths of a lake or into the river.  Check this VIDEO out, as REVO has developed a system to make that a non issue from here on out.  Bonus!

4.  They meet the bosses approval for non fishing, aka everyday life use. Not going to lie, she said they make me look hot.  Wait....maybe I made that second part up, but wifey approval is always a must

5.  Mega Polarization.  Really, this should be the #1 reason in this list and I cant underscore how impressed I was with how well they cut down the glare on the water.  Fish beware, I can see you better now.

6.  I run a lot, and nothing's worse than shades bopping up all around on your face forcing you to just give up and take them off.  These guys dont do that.  These Headways give you a snug fit and the tight springs in the earpieces lock you into place.

7.  They have a pretty bomber warranty.  I am sure I will have to put this into place sometime and it is comforting, at least in what they say on their web site, that warranty work wont be an issue

8.  The frames are made from either re-used material or partially derived from castor bean seeds,  a kick arse sustainable resource

9.  My son approves, he's always trying to steal them from me.

10.  Big time field of vision.  

All kidding aside, these are a really great example of Revo Sunglasses marrying technology with fit and function.

As in any review, I always look to see what I would change if I was the product designer.  This is a very nitpicky deal, but with the straps that tether to the glasses have a buoy on's rather large.  It must have to do with the weight of the glasses (a good thing) and the need to have an appropriate amount high density foam to keep the glasses from submerging.  In any event, I would do everything to reduce the size of the buoy

But really, that isnt a deal breaker at all.

Interested in learning more, hit them up on FB and or visit their WEB SITE to check out their entire lineup.

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  1. 11. They're made in the good old USA. Can't say that about most other glasses, or most other things in general. Love my Headways!