Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Sacred Skeena System...

You have to see it.  You have to put your boots in it.   You have to interact with the people.

The Skeena River system is an enchanting place.  It's a place that gets in your soul.

The week long trip to BC to fish the legendary rivers and stream of the Skeena River system was a week to remember, but not for just catching fish.  No, it was the impact on the three guys that shared a truck, tent and raft for 9 days.

22 hours of travel and we arrived, fishing tributaries like the Bulkley and the Morice.  The rivers up there are made for Steelhead and Salmon and it's amazing to see a intact river system without dams and with the habitat needed for continued and sustained runs.

The floats we made were different every day, from the broad runs on the Bulkley, the S curves of the Morice and the intimate low water conditions we found on the Kispiox.  Plain and simple, after the first day where we felt like kings on the end of the day was very tough.  High sun and low water doesn't always equal paydirt.

I will always remember walking around a bend on the first morning with the fog lifting on the river to see my father and buddy Taylor in sync with their D loops ready to spring forward into action.

The fish or I should say, several fish, that I will remember are the ones that gave the tip off that they were there with slight pulls and big tugs but never came connected. 

Those are the ones that will bring me back another time to soak up the greatness of the region.

Next up....a profile on an organization of Hooligans that are kicking the shite out of major oil consortiums  in their effort to protect the Skeena's Sacred Headwaters.

Don't miss it.