Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Series of Steelhead Events...

Cooler overnight temps finally have the fish moving up the Big River onward in their fall push to the inland tributaries.  We thought we would try out luck to see if any were willing dance partners.

Nothing like hooking up to the chagrin of the gear slinging guide boats.  You could almost hear them groan as OMR hooked up in front of 2 loaded guide boats.  Take another lap there dudes, you cant battle OMR's fish karma!

You know what's special....Watching the rocketship burn off line of your dad's reel and listen to him whoop and hollar, giggling away like my son.

Almost there....

Jack Pot.  I have yet to meet a man who has more fish mojo than this man.  OMR is on the board for the 2012 summer steelhead season. 


  1. Damn, I would have thought Omar would know better than to let you touch his fish!

  2. Congrats! What a awesome combination on the water!! Really Awesome Josh!