Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wake Up With The Sacred Headwaters Blend...

It's the little things that you remember from a big trip like our journey north to fish the Skeena River System and it's tributaries.

Mostly, beyond the fish and the rivers they inhabit, it's the people and they're dedication to places they live and the creative ways that they work to ensure it's future.

As detailed before, the people of the area....First Nations and everyone alike is locked into a struggle to protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Skeena, Nass and Stakine from coalbed methane "fracking by major oil and gas entities like Shell.   They arent against oil and gas, it's that they're extremely opposed to oil and gas exploration in mega sensitive habitat like the headwaters one of the most fertile salmon and steelhead river systems in the planet.  That's not even talking about the cultural significance of the headwaters to the First Nation Tribes who call that special valley their birthplace.

What I find interesting is how everyone is doing their part to help the cause.  Right around the corner from the Sacred Headwaters office in Hazelton, BC, is the great little coffee shop Mercedes Beans.  While looking for a good cup of coffee and maybe a souvenir or two, we discovered theier Sacred Headwaters Blend.

As I sit here and write this, I am sipping on one hell of a cup of coffee from Mercedes Beans that dry roasts (very unique I am told)  and takes the profits from this specific blend of coffee and donates it back to the fight to protect the Sacred Headwaters. 

They ship throughout North America and I have to tell you....this coffee's amazing.   Do yourself a favor and wake up with this blend and you get the small satisfaction that you did a little part in helping fund an organization that is kicking the shit out of companies who think it's ok to drill and mine in one of the most amazing and wild places left on earth.

Visit Mercedes Beans by clicking HERE and ask for the Sacred Headwaters Blend today.

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