Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carp Shot Caller....

Do you know how hard it is to express the exact location of 20 big arse carp to your buddy on the shore below when your ramped up and excited like you are when you yourself are fishing?

Really fuggin hard.

The carp would materialize out of the depths in pods of 10-15.  Big females followed by a harem of onlooking gentlemen.  Then big big big singles and doubles.  One after another.  Shot after shot.

I have so much more respect for the bonefish guides I have had the pleasure to fish with over the years.  Their ability to translate distance and speed into instructions for a cast is something that I am going to have to work on.

60 ft to the left.  No more left.  Let it sit.  Strip....Not that fast....oh shit, refusal!!

Its easy to get your rights and lefts mixed up when your 30 feet above your buddy calling shots when carp after carp in the 20 lb range come cruising on down the lake and into range.

You can see the carp laughing at us.  Silly fishermen.

We had a couple of legit eats, but in the train of me realizing that the fish sucked in the fly, followed by hurried shout down to the angler, followed by his .0023 second delay of hook setting....the carp politely threw out the junk he or she had in it's mug and swam away

Onward to call more shots.  Carp beware!

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