Monday, June 17, 2013

Running Dawn Patrol...


On a workday...

What the hell?

I'll tell you why.  Baby #2 comes in less than 5 weeks and when your fishing buddy suggests we go make it happen, you jump at the chance.

The season is early on the home river.  Lucky we were to have flows in the high but fishable range, but  it fishes better from a boat this time of year.  With 2 hours to chuck and duck, the dingy wasnt an option.

One child is a revelation, 2 children appears to be the game changer.  I have this sneaking suspicion that my buddy and I might have a few more dawn patrols before July 19th rolls around.

A grand total of 4 double nymph rigs lost and one trout rolled by my partner, it was a great morning.

Those 2 hours on the flow filled me with such energy.  Who cares if it was 430am?

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