Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Currents Outdoors--Iron Sharpening Iron...

New Currents, Outdoors (NCO) 2013 Expedition from Soul River on Vimeo.

Growing up, I was a lucky kid.  The outdoors was always a part of my life.  Always.

I feel asleep to the hunting and fishing stories of my father and spent hours casting Mepps spinners off the dock at our lake cabin.

Not having that would feel like I was missing my identity.

Thus it brings us to New Currents Outdoors and the work they're doing to bring inner city youth of Portland to the river and the woods to show them a different view of the world through the lense of outdoor recreation.

Along with that, they also bring returning military veterans to the outdoors as part of the healing process and return to normal life.

This is the most interesting and worthwhile project I have seen in a long time.  Watch the video and see how these kids are just fired up about the adventure and how the military vets and support staff beam with pride about being part of this great program

Enjoy, and like New Currents Outdoors on FB to learn more about upcoming projects and initiatives.


  1. Tha passion that Chad has, not only for the youth, but for returning veterans, is unmatched.
    Chad is the dictionary definition of a "class act".
    Thanks for sharing this bro.

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  3. Chad is doing great things in the community! He inspires, motivates, and encourages people of all races, ages, abilities, and income to get involved in the outdoors and respect what Mother Nature has to offer. Awesome!