Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fortune Minerals....Good Luck.

9 year old Tahltan boy stands up to CEO of open pit coal mine. from BeyondBoarding on Vimeo.

Silly Fortune Minerals, I think you've lost your mind again

I think you've picked a fight with just about the last group of folks in the world that you should in the effort to put an open pit mine on Klabona Mountain in the Sacred Headwaters region of Northwest BC.

The Sacred Headwaters is the birthplace of the Nass, Stakine and Skeena rivers and recently after a long battle, Royal Dutch Shell rescinded their plans to put dozens if not hundreds coalbed methane (fracking) drill sites throughout the region.

The people who lead the defeat against one of the biggest corporations in the world in terms of energy are the same folks who have banded with the Tahltan Nation to stand up again against another terrible plan to mine a place that shouldn't be mined.

The biggest question I have from this video is what is the CEO of Fortune Minerals feeling when the raw emotion of the little boy comes pouring out.  It's a bit hard to make out exactly what he's saying, but there's no mistaking why he's crying.

And as the elder asks the CEO after the boy's done talking...."Do you have a heart?"

It kind of makes me wonder too.

Get involved by following the battle via these web sites

The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

Kalbona Keepers

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