Tuesday, April 21, 2015

North 40 Fly Shop Sandpoint Film Fest

For the third year in a row, I will be the big dumb animal on stage MC'ing the Sandpoint Fly Fishing Film Fest, put together by the fine folks at the North 40 Fly Shops this weekend.

I've learned important lessons when MC'ing events, namely dont let the degenerates of the fly shop push microbrews on you in copious amounts before you go on stage.  Lets just say my first year I am pretty sure I said Pend Oreille like it sounds phonetically, not how it's actually pronounced, many times on stage.

Apparently it wasn't that bad because they keep asking me back!

It's an awesome two night event with Friday showing of F3T and Saturday runs IF4 at the historic Panida Theater in downtown Sandpoint, benefiting the Pend Oreille Water Festival and The  Panhandle Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Now there has been a lull in recent years with the films in these tours, but I have seen both editions as they rolled through Spokane and I can honestly say that these films have taken it up a notch both in storytelling and cinematography.   Think less "bro-brah", high fives and fast music, more conservation and story development

I hope to see you in the crowd this weekend

Also, dont miss the Saturday the 25th demo day at the North 40 Outfitters location in Ponderay from 11a-3p with reps on hand and the ability to cast different rods till your hearts content

Get more info on the weekend's activities by clicking HERE

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