Thursday, April 23, 2015

Patagonia's Dam Campaign...

The Damnation movie effected me like no other outdoor film ever has.  It's reclamation of past wrongs, it's rebirth, it's beautiful.

With the successful removal of Condit, Glines Canyon and Elwa Dams, the eye is on the big prize

The lower 4 Snake River Dams.

Over 70,000 people signed the petition to urge President Obama to crack down on deadbeat dams and now Patagonia has released an ad urging Washington residents to call our senators on the issue of the lower Snake River Dams

Click HERE learn more about this campaign

More and more freight is leaving the Port of Lewiston, and more and more are questioning the need for these run of river dams that add very little to the power grid and put undo stress on migrating salmon and steelhead.

I believe in my lifetime these dams will come down and we will see a renaissance of our inland rivers that we can hardly imaging.  I believe the impact to the economy will be great and people will rediscover what I have only read about.

A free flowing lower Snake River.

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