Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Observations From The Blind

You dont turn down offers to go early season goose hunting with some of the best young waterfowlers in the region.  Do what you have to do and be at the meeting point at 4am, regardless of what you're doing the night before.

Well in my case I was sitting at a charity benefit, sans federal waterfowl stamp when the call came in.  Thankfully the state of Washington makes it easy by not participating in the online purchase of said stamp but I scrambled and found a retailer at the last minute that gave me the paperwork to make me legal

I should have cut down the alcohol consumption and went to bed early.  I should have gotten a good nights rest.

Meh, midnight sounds about right for bedtime, especially with a 315am wake up call

Well by shooting light our group was positioned in the field, decoys out and brushed up in our layout blinds

The shooting turned out to be a bit slow, but we had a great time.  Here are 10 observations from the blind from this great morning afield

1.  Dick and fart jokes are universal.  They help bond guys who dont really know each other quickly

2.  I've realized that waterfowlers and steelhead fisherman are very alike.  Obsessed.

3.  3 hours of sleep works a hell of a lot bettter at 22 years old than 34.

4.  6 guys in close proximity creates a lot of methane gas

5.  Laying down in the bling with the doors covered waiting for the geese to work your spread, waiting for the "take em" call is like waiting for your parents to tell you it's time to open your presents on Christmas morning

6.  Steel shot sucks

7.  Geese are massive.  Really really big creatures.

8.  Listening to 19-22 year old dudes talk about their escapades is pure comedy.  I can only imagine what I would have sounded like at that age.

9.  The notes that can come out of a goose call by one guy is just ridiculous.  Just amazing.

10.  Oh great, I found another activity in the fall that I really like.

A big thanks to the guys who invited me in to their group for the early season hunt.  I hope to join you again as the fall progresses and the northern birds make their presence known

Until then, honk on!

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  1. Yep, you nailed it.

    Those young men know their stuff.

    And yeah, their farts do stink.