Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flotilla of Hope...

Sitting on the shore with my two boys, 200+ boats of all shapes and sizes begin the flotilla up to Lower Granite Dam was an inherently emotional and impressive sight.

Yesterday's #FreetheSnake Flotilla on the Snake River was a smashing success.  Organizers came together and put on a flawless event that was full of logistical challenges and safety concerns

The end game of dam removal is going to be a huge, long, drawn out and contentious political process but this event and it's participants were a clear message to all involved.  They mean business.

Dozens of different stakeholders.  Organizations, Native Tribes and everyday people alike.   All saying the same thing.

It's Time.  Let the Snake River run free.

Stay involved, via Free The Snake's web site and their Facebook Page

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