Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking My Deer Lumps.

A good deer hunter, I am not.

Growing up I was the kid who read Field and Stream and Outdoor Life cover to cover.    Concepts of ballistics, deer drives, spot and stalk and the merits of the classic .270 was well know to me.

I grew up to fulfill my birthright as a man of the woods, the slayer of hoofed animals with horns.  The damn things were supposed to tremble as I set forth to hunt them.

I wanted to be good at it.....dreamed of success afield yet I can go on record with my minimal success deer hunting

The list of reasons are wide and long.  Wrong side of the draw.   One hill away from the deer.  Wind shifts, unseen deer spooking the deer we were stalking, a bad shot here and there.

Most of the time, I am the guy dragging someone else's deer out of the woods

Truth of the matter is that I havent devoted the time that is needed.  Sports and school got in the way growing up and now there's a million different competitors for my time.

But hell, I am the eternal optimist.  General deer opener is this saturday.   May luck be on my side.

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