Monday, October 3, 2016

$15 for 15...

2016 mark's the 15th anniversary of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and today we're kicking off a fundraising campaign to mark the occasion

We’ve come a long way since a diverse group of conservation-minded anglers decided to join forces in 2001 following the closure of North Puget Sound steelhead rivers. Now, led by a dedicated board and backed by thousands of passionate members, we are a formidable force for the protection of wild steelhead throughout the waters of the West Coast.

Take a peek at some of what we consider our top 15 accomplishments that our ragtag bunch of volunteers and advocates have accomplished.  Despite that, our work is far from over.

In the coming months alone, wild steelhead face a number of critical management decisions that will have a monumental impact – most notable is the decision on whether the Skagit Watershed will become a Wild Steelhead Gene bank. Please help us continue our fight to protect wild steelhead and ensure the Skagit becomes a WSGB by donating 15 dollars today

Just like how the WSC started small, donations on the smaller side can continue to build the groundswell that is happening in anadromous fish recovery

Of course, there's a little carrot to dangle out there make it fun

Make a donation of  $15 or more and 3 lucky winners will be randomly drawn to win these prizes from our amazing sponsors

Echo Classic 11ft 8 weight switch rod

Fisherman’s Priest by The Confluence Rod Company

Thank you in advance, click HERE to donate.

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