Friday, November 11, 2016

A Fall Brown Trout PSA...

Take a good gander at that coloration change in the picture above.  It's a Brown Trout nesting bed, aka a "redd"

Burn it into your brains.

Now couple that info with the fact that Brown Trout are Fall spawners and you now are an enlightened angler.

Right now wherever you can find them, browns are doing or staging to do the sexual tango.  At the same time, the predacious and nasty streak they have in them becomes focused on protecting their reds.  Along with with they're typically spawning in relatively shallow water and or in smaller tributaries, they become easy pickings for the less scrupulous angler.

Ladies and Gents, maybe you should leave them along right now.

Ask yourself, is it worth it to show post up a picture of a fish you caught defending a red so you can collect likes or glorify yourself with a slew of ego driven hashtags?

Every fish we pursue has their own different times we just need to leave them alone.  Rainbows in the late spring, steelhead at the end of their journey, so on and so forth.   Let them do their thang, make babies and propagate the rivers and lakes with healthy populations.

A big thanks to the West Yellowstone Fly Shop for their leadership on this issue.

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