Monday, March 19, 2018

A Family Hike...

One gigantic backpack filled with....

3 coats, 2 kid lunches, 2 mom and dad lunches, a football because, well...playing catch can keep the peace of an always on the move 7 year old

3 water bottles, fishing tackle, worms (gots to have the worms), candy, 3 beach chairs,  mom and dad rain coats

The hike was filled with....

14 "I'm tired, can you carry me's", 4 animal poop investigations, 3 dead critter id's, 5 rock in my shoe moments and 3 mom and dad looking at each other moments saying telepathically...."seriously!" in reference to the kids

The 2 hours of fishing included....

Zero fish.  Nary a nibble.

The walk back was all worth it. The boys earned 10 cents for every piece of garbage they picked up.

Mom and dad got to hold their boy's hands and experience a little public lands goodness on a beautiful Spring Sunday

The boys....the hike back was great.  They knew milkshakes were at the end.

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