Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Redington Sonic Pro HD Review

Dont judge this review on this crap selfie.....I hate selfies

I once was a huge fan of Redington's Sonic Pro Waders.  For the money, the provided options, bells and whistles and durability that far exceeded their price point

But with every wader, their shelf life is finite and when the newest pair arrived about 3-4 years ago I was tossed off team Redington.

In the effort to have a more "performance" fit to their neoprene booties, the previous fantastic fit I had in the foot was gone.  My size 14 shoe  had no room and in turn I couldnt wear that edition of waders.

Now....there was a reckoning as I was given the opportunity from Redington to test out their redesigned Sonic Pro HD waders.

Below are a few points that impressed me.

Wait...where's the person?

Large footed fellers....rejoice!

Redington has fixed the glitch.  No issues here and there's even a bit of room to spare.  I'd say that possibly up to size 15s could fit here.   Hallelujah .

Pockets on pockets on pockets.

I'm starting to think with all the pockets in this wader, if you're still wearing a vest because you need more stuff....you're doing it wrong.

Look ma!  More pockets.

There are 5 full pockets in and out of this beast.  Load up to your heart's desire.

And now, for a super subtle point that I noticed and really appreciated

It's a belt loop.  Just a belt loop....

But this one's right on your hip, meaning you dont have to go fishing behind you for your belt after you answer nature's call.  It's a small thing but for some reason a few other waders with a price tag much higher fail to have on their products.

Small touches of design mean big things.

Like booties.  And belt loops.

So with the first day in the water in these waders in the books, I appreciated the thought that went into them.  They're comfortable.  They're sturdy and have the feel of heavy construction

We'll see how long they last and how they stand up to my 6'8 280lb frame.....

Good thing is there, Redington's back's their product with a hell of a warranty.

Happy fishing out there big footed fellas, Redington's got your waders ready

Check them out more via Redington's site

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  1. Glad that it wasn't just me. Got a pair of medium Sonic Dry pants back in mid-2014, just after they came out, and the booties were TIGHT, even with my 8.5s. Luckily they weren't TOO tight as I've worn them regularly since then (had them on yesterday, as a matter of fact) and absolutely love them. I observed, at the time, that the telling would be how long they lasted. Well, flying colors. Happy to hear they've addressed that one wrinkle. Big Redington fan, here.