Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Real Green Decoys

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is taking a jab and turning it into a badge of honor

Over the past couple years, dark money funded orgs and PR firms like one's headed by the scumbag lobbyist Richard Berman have tried to attack legit outdoor conservation orgs like BHA, TRCP, The Isaak Walton League and others, branding them as false fronts for radical environmental movements.

They're call to action is to brand these orgs as Green Decoys.  The gist is that they're typically right leaning in nature but with a "sinister, false agenda" that makes you think that they're all about conservation, hunting, fishing and wildlife persuits.

Ha ha, and again, ha ha.  Joke's on you Berman and Co.

BHA has now turned this on it's head and is now offering Green Decoy T Shirts

From the BHA web site:

How can you tell BHA members are making a difference? When dishonest lobbyists mount a well-funded smear campaign, “Green Decoys,” attempting to undermine us. However, we won’t be silenced, and we sure as hell won’t be intimidated into backing down. We are public lands sportsmen and women who are uniting to defend our shared lands and waters and outdoor pursuits from those who would steal them from us. Wear your shirt as a badge of honor to show our detractors that we aren’t going anywhere and we have nothing to hide.

There's nothing to hide.  The movement's intentions are true and just.  There's no false facade.  

It's about fair chase, it's about traditions, it's about preserving public lands. 

My shirt's on the way.  Hope to see you in one soon as well

Click here to order the real green decoys shirt

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