Monday, July 23, 2018

Waste Not Want Not....

The doe came out of nowhere at 1pm in the afternoon.  Car full of family and dogs.  The impact happened so fast nobody had a second to react. 

Family and dog came out unscathed.  Truck was a mess, radiator hissing steam.

The hunter gatherer in me kicked right in.  

In 2016 the state of Washington developed a program allowing people to recover road kill game and while my truck was crushed, I was going to make lemons into lemonaide

All legal.

Some loss due to impact, but overall a lot of meals hung there.   Running around and trying to get the meat cool within a respectful amount of time in comparison the the 90 degree day, I was able to thankfully put the meat on ice within an hour and a half.

Salt and pepper, dusted with garlic.  Into the Traeger it goes

A busted truck, paid for in part with fresh venison....