Tuesday, October 2, 2018


My obsession with steelhead flies knows no end....

Thinking a lot lately about why I'm drawn to natural and buggy style patterns,  especially akin to the pallet and style of the  October Caddis emergence in September and October.

The rivers I fish do have a preponderance of this bug and they are super effective at connecting with an ocean run rainbow, but when you really think about it just as many are caught on flies that share zero resemblance to the gigantic bug nugget floating and coming up through the water column

Steelhead eat for god knows what reasons.  We can sit and think away for days on the issue and try to give it reason and rhyme, but truth be told we'll never put a firm finger on the why.

Which brings me to my point.  Confidence.

When I'm creating a fly to be offered, I've started to think more towards the angler and what the fly inspires in them .  Sure the classical lines and attributes are followed but when you select the bug out of the box, does it give you that funny feeling in your gut akin to knocking on the door of a girl's house before your first date.?

Yes...then fish that damn thing with full confidence.   It will happen

And in my case, I have a lot of O-Confidence.

Happy fishing out there.  Have a great fall.

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