Monday, August 30, 2010

The High Council of Fishing Degenerates Have Choosen a Winner...

First, a big thank you to everyone who participated in naming my first attempt at a traditional steelhead fly

In all, we had 9 submissions via the blog and 8 from the faceyspace page. 

The high council of fishing degenerates consisting of OMR, a few shop owners and employees, a few trout bum guides from Montana was assembled to choose the winner.

Overwhelmingly, we had a winner

While names like "Blue Iris", "Electric Coolaid" and "Too Gay to Play" did garner serious contention, we continued to return to one name

Submitted by Mark, the  The North Umpqua Fly Guide himself.  Here's his submission.

BB King.....cause it looks Royal and it has the blues man

This fly is designed with a slashing take of a steelhead in mind.  At our core, steelheaders are like bluesmen like BB King.  Think about it. 

We're not always understood.

We lament and tell tales of woe and mistreatment by the ones we love.

Anyone else want to go down the road with me about how you can compare a fly rod to a guitar.  There are some that can play their instrument, guitar or rod, with such proficiency and grace that it becomes an art unto itself.

And when the game is played right, there's no sweeter sound around. 

So thank you Mark, your submission was right on.  Watch your mailbox, you have 6 BB Kings on the way soon.


  1. There is only one problem with the name BB king.. nobody googled it?

  2. well shit, i guess I have to assemble an emergency session of the FFDHC to fix this problem...ehhhh

  3. That thing looks like a lure. Glass beads?