Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photog on the Rise..

Introducing the works of Mike Visintainer, photographer on the rise.

 Brother of Sean Visintainer, owner of the Silver Bow Fly Shop, Mike's one of those guys who's good at whatever he does.  Recently Mike joined his brother at the shop as their IT manager and web content developer.

Cars, web sites, and now photography....his work is the kind you expect to see in the Drake Magazine.  Matter of fact, I bet we see it there soon.

Mike joined Sean and I recently at our triple secret pond dubbed "Location Stinky Finger" and chronicled the adventure.  The shots on this post are from that trip and showcase his talent, attention to detail and ability to find the unusual photo prospective beyond the grip and grin shots that we are all used to.

You can see more of his work across the Silver Bow web site, but check out his gallery here

1 comment:

  1. Wow...that first one is really cool! The effect looks like something only possible through photoshop OR a really good eye for photography.