Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Anti Black Friday...

There wasnt a Target, Best Buy or Fred Meyer for 100 miles.

Thank God.

Deep Snow and tight holding roosters with miles hiked in between opportunities were the order of the day.

Following a longstanding tradition, OMR and I got the hell out of dodge to follow the noses of our bird dogs.

And what a day it was.

Watching our dogs work on a snow day defies the ability to describe accurately.  A good friend asked me the other day what the dogs did when they hunted.  I stumbled around for an answer for a while and finally landed on the non descriptive, you have to be there to see it answer of "they, they just are birdsy"

The twitchy tails, the lowering of their bodies to the ground the follow the scent, the laser intense staring at a bird that holds it's ground.

It's a thing of beauty.


  1. Nice. There's nothing like hunting birds behind dogs after a fresh snow.If it keeps piling up you'll need snowshoes before the season is over.

  2. Great story, the pic of the dogs is awesome!
    I went out for friday as well, good move!