Monday, November 22, 2010

Fishing Dog Couture...

 no.  I think this thing could be swung for Kings with a big enough spey rod and a balanced Skagit head....snarf.

What I am talking about is adding a little flair to the Murph Dog. 

It's about time for her be the outward canine representation of what we're about.   

The good buddy who owns the pet shop where we bought put it aside for Murph as soon as it came in.  Of course, I obliged.
Ok fine, Murph couldnt tell the difference between a Steelhead and a laser pen.  All she really knows is that they're both fun to chase and bark at.  But who cares.  She still is a better dog now because of this collar.

If you're in Spokane, you should check out the Yuppy Puppy.  Aquila will hook you up with what your fishing dogs really need...including the collar above