Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fly Tying Bench Inspiration...courtesy of Chewbacca....

Dont get it twisted....starting at a pile of feathers can get a little overwhelming.

Solution, fermented wheat from Dry Fly Distillery here in Spokane.

This little bottle made it's way from Spokane to Twin Bridges, and back to Spokane courtesy of Chewbaca.....err, wait, Joe from Evolution Anglers.   You cant even buy this stuff in Spokane, the darn city it's made in because it's so popular amongst Whiskey aficionados.  All admit it's very inspiring whilst tying on the bench.   Joe spotted the bottle while on a trip back home in Twin Bridges grog shop and gave it to me as an early congrats present on our son to be.

Fresh of a full guide season for the Stonefly Inn in Twin, Joe's sporting quite the man beard these days, ala' SF Giants closer Brian Wilson.

So really, he looks like Chewbaca....FACT.


  1. Love it. Not sure if you have ever seen my rendition of the Dry Fly Bottle? Here's the link to my painting: http://stridart.blogspot.com/2010/06/dry-fly-whiskey-washington-wheat.html


  2. That might be the reason for some of the crazy bugs I have seen people tying lately! =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman