Monday, August 8, 2011

Steelhead Numerology

Numbers.  Steelhead fishermen and women watch the counts about as much as a day trader looks at the markets.  So here's a little bit of steelhead numerology with three corresponding sets of digits

Number set 1--7747, 6972, 6518, 5975, 6229

Number set 2--2258, 2828, 3678, 3514, 3731

and lastly--221, 197, 376, 430, 601

Beautiful, oh beautiful numbers to the steelhead tribe. 

Set 1--The daily passage of returning fish over Bonneville Dam, hurdle #1.

Set 2--The middle ground of the gauntlet, daily passage over McNary Dam

Set 3--The daily totals over Lower Granite Dam, the most important figures to us inland fishermen.

Notice the big spike in the past 2 days at Lower Granite.  The fun has just begun kiddos so warm up your scandi lines, get your skaters ready as the greatest and most demanding part of steelhead season is upon us for the Clearwater, Snake and Grande Ronde fishermen....


Good luck to all in this 2011 summer steelhead season!

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