Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things You Hear While Fishing the Spokane...

Plain and simple...The Spokane River attracts weirdos.  It's an urban river fishery, but good gawd do you see and hear some funny shit.

Case in point:  After finishing a particularly successful post work session on the ' buddies and I were walking from the river towards the car on a pathway when we walked by a mother and her two little kids.  As we get by her, she says "Hey, you guys remind me"

Us..."really, what of?'

Lady " you remind me of A River Runs Through"

Us  ---staring back blankly....not sure what to say

We waited for her to finish the full title of the movie. 

"It" never happened.

So we walked away......thanked the lady for the compliment and filed under crazy shit you hear while fishing the Spokane.

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