Monday, April 23, 2012

River Characters--St Joe Daina

On or around the river, you really run into some amazing people.

Case in point, the best damn shuttle driver in North Idaho, St Joe Daina.

Living in the tiny town of Calder, Idaho, Daina is always ready to hop in your car and provide a timely shuttle down the river. 

Every year when we see here again as trout season gets here, she gives us a great update of the ongoings in the St Joe Valley and funny stories from her year so far.  She tends to laugh at us when we say we love to go out in the rain to fish.  "You guys are crazy" tends to be her refrain.

To the point, Daina is a salt of the earth lady who's a pleasure to do business with.  You can tell she appreciates us nutty fishermen.

Last time out, OMR and I discovered she has one heck of a hidden talent.  During the winter and her free time, she devotes her time to the canvas. The picture above is one of her originals she dubbed "Old Man" 

Looks a hell of a lot like OMR, but non the less is exceptional work.

The worlds best shuttle driver on the St Joe has prints to sell if your interested, or if your looking for a shuttle, we here at Chucking Line and Chasing Tail suggest you give her a ring

Give Daina a call at 208-245-1279


  1. Thanks alot Josh, I to belive she is a very great lady. As you stated she does sell her prints, and we have alot of differnt ones so please give her a call.

  2. Beyond her wild stories and wonderful ability to gab... she is one of the best artist you will ever meet. Her talents range from old time logging, outdoor lifestyle, and majestic scenery. Amazing woman....amazing talent!!!!

  3. by the way.... her real name is Big River Mamma