Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Truck Visor Fly Box

It all starts with one....just one.....

You end the day fishing and forget to stick that swing bug into it's usual home in your fly box

Two weeks later, the menagerie of flies emerges and you've created the Truck Visor Fly Box.

The collection of flies up to says a hell of a lot about who you are as a fisherman.

In the case of the photo above, you can probably tell what Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers spends a lot of time chasing.

Sometimes, you never would guess what the hell is going on with some, and that brings us to another entry from the illustrious Rick Matney

All that weaponry above means that Rick catches some of the biggest browns in the state of Montana.  Advanced tactics kids, advanced tactics!

After a while if you're not careful your collection will grow like vines and take over the cab of your truck, as Tyler Treece submits.

Not much more to say here than HOLY SHIT!

Its my guess that there's countless other truck visor fly boxes out there and we here at Chuckling Line and Chasing Tail want to see them.   We will compile them up and send out different versions here and hopefully soon we'll have a contest to award some killer swag to the most crazy example that comes in

Send your pics to
jmills 81 at hotmail dot com

Thanks in advance!

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